Looking for somewhere that likes bull?

To be fair … it is actually BULLS, and Rockhampton is the home of beef cattle of Australia. It is also known for its 7 Bulls … listed as Big Things, but I reckon they are pretty close to full-sized replicas. They represent the 7 types of cattle that are farmed in this region … and here they are … but here’s the rub … I only found 6 of them, so back again Sunday to find the final one. Also the Big Dugong, which seems to have vanished!

This photo is blurry because it is in the middle of a new massive road intersection under construction, and impossible to get up close and personal. In fact several of these big things took ingenuity and guts even to capture them.

But I found heaps of others on top of buildings …

Last, but least is a red lion just for a change from bulls!

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