Capella is going ‘for broke’

Had several days of driving along roads that are so undulating that you get ‘car sick’ while driving. Having spent half an hour driving the wrong direction … again … I have decided that I am going to write  a note to myself which way to turn after staying in roadside campground. I keep doing a U-turn, parking, then next morning driving off the way the car is facing!!! Bloody blonde git!

I finally turned left towards Emerald, where I am tonight. Came to Capella … that town has some many interesting things, although not ‘big’ are plentiful.
First one is a big red ‘bucket’ … must be a mining piece of equipment, painted red and put at the entrance to the town.

Then the pioneer ‘village, composed of 2 buildings … not sure that’s a ‘village’.
And ‘Pinkie’ the sheep being shorn.

A bull in the front garden of a place on ‘main street’.

This weird offering on my way out of town … not sure what it means, but it was just there!

That’s all for now … Rockhampton tomorrow.

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