Reflections on the road …

Today I drove for 6 hours and did 550 kms … through flat, boring savannah plains. The roads up here are so flat and straight that the local road dept puts up a CREST sign if there is the tiniest of hills … As if drivers can’t discern that for themselves. At least it makes a change from termite mound watching lol!

No Big Things today, but tomorrow there should be 2 more to add to the pot as I am on my way to Normanton, on the edge of the Gulf of Carpentaria, where there is the Big Crocodile and Big Barramundi.
Having spent a long day on the road, I decided to listen to The Beatles. Gosh the social commentary contained in the lyrics … I wonder if anyone has written a paper on a comparison of The Beatles’ lyrics with the social paradigm of the time?
There are songs about domestic violence, transvestites, and even a mention in a song of ‘faggots’.  The song about domestic violence led me to reflect on Rosie Batty and her year as Australian of the Year. I have met lots of people at caravan parks or ‘free camping sites’ … from all walks of life, but by far in greatest numbers are the so-called grey nomads or over 50 year old couples on long service leave.
So why introduce these people in reflections on domestic violence? It’s not that I have seen any obvious domestic violence, but I have noticed that there is a ‘breed’ of men that find it funny to make disrespectful comments about their wives, and for the wives not to say anything. It is usually when there are 2 or more couples travelling together … pack mentality?
My question is … why the need to ‘put down’ the wives? Is this a contributing factor to domestic violence? Are we as a society looking the other way instead of stepping in? I did say something the other night … in a tactful way as I can be if I put my mind to it lol … and one of the men thought it was appropriate to ask me what I was cooking him for dinner. To be fair, the other men had enough conscience to look sheepish … maybe more people should say something? I have not seen this tendency in younger travellers … interesting! Hopefully the young don’t progress to this particularly obnoxious behaviour … I am sure they won’t!!!

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