Raindrops keep falling on my head

On my way to Cairns I got waylaid. I turned off to a place called Undara … a lovely place in the middle of a National Park. It is home to the longest lavaflow in Australia, indeed in the world. The lavaflows were formed from 164 erupting, but now extinct volcanos, and subsequent lavatubes.

Today I drove to Cairns, via Atherton … where the Big Peanut resides.
Then through Mareeba. I saw a very big piece of equipment, so I stopped. Glad I did …

Not sure what it is, but there was another Big Thing in the same park … a Big Brahman Bull. The question I posed on the previous post stands … if this is a replica of a real bull, then is it a big thing?

Ah Cairns … it is raining cats and dogs … no rain for 5 months, then all day and night! It was weird driving towards Cairns across the Atherton Tableland … it was like driving up through Ferntree in the mist and rain. There is even a mountain called Misty Mountain that is permanently surrounded by clouds.  If it still raining  tomorrow, I’m going to head north instead of staying in Cairns for a few days. I can come back when the rain stops.
Although I promised not to mention termites, the termites won’t let me. Last night at Undara there was a wildlife talk on termites, I passed Termite Creek, Termite Cafe and Termite Drive, and finally the termite mounds changed to look like the backend of elephants … go figure!

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