On my way to the Eastern Seaboard

Well I finally got photos of 2 more Big Things. Yesterday I arrived too late to get decent photos, so I stayed at Karumba for the night, a fishing-mad place just north of Normanton. I did get a final photo of a massive field of termite mounds … I promise you that this is the last entry on termite mounds, although today they changed into blobby mounds the closer I got to Croydon, but by the time I got to Georgetown they had changed back to witches hats.

Yesterday I visited the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia’s largest gulf, so have include it in my photo history of Big Things.

And now for the 2 Big Things in Normanton. Firstly it is the Big Crocodile, but the question I ask is … if it a replica, and to correct size, should it be called a ‘big thing’? The crocodile, called Krys, is a replica of a crocodile caught in the local area, and is 8.63 metres long … truely huge!

The second one is the Big Barramundi outside one of the pubs in Normanton … a particularly ugly fish!

Passing through Croydon I chanced upon another metal sculpture … a metal man. I included the lamp post as the town’s street were lined by these lights … strangely out of place in an outback town … presumably as a replica of the original lights, but were they white then?

Thankfully I am nearing the end of ‘spinifex country’.
A fact you will never need to know …

Cattle can’t eat spinifex, so although the land looks quite green and lush, there is little edible food for the animals. If the spinifex is burnt, then the cattle can eat the new shoots for a short period of time.
Tonight I met a lovely young couple, Sarah and Mick, who were travelling with their dogs, Sammy and Joey. Sammy is deaf, but you wouldn’t know it. They were beautiful creatures and Joey can play dead if you pretend to shoot him … very funny.

Off to Cairns tomorrow …

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