Circus performances and Cooktown

Spent a pleasant night in a free campsite with lots of people, including several dread-locked high-wire performers. They entertained the campers with many feats up the trees. Apparently they are on their way to the Laura Music Festival next weekend. I am trying to decide if I will stay … lots to see in Cooktown first though.

I also did some digging on the MT thing … seems my blondness does go deeper than the roots, something many people have suspected for a while … it IS Mount Molloy … and Mt Carbine and many more lol. And now another pointer to my blondness. I needed petrol, missed the turnoff, turned back, got petrol, back in car … thought ‘Came the way I wasn’t facing’ so off I drove … 20 kms later thought ‘I saw that sign before’, replayed the petrol thing in my head, and turned back!!!! I did that same fabulous navigation thing in the past … at Mittagong in the 80s … took ages to live that down!
Back to big things … found this snake sculpture at the information centre in Cooktown … very impressive, and not on list, but definitely big!

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