Cairns and the Daintree

No posting for a couple of days because the signal was very weak, which was weird as I was within cooee of civilisation. I am now up in the hills behind Mossman on my way to Cooktown, and the signal is brilliant … go figure! Am camping in a place called MT Molloy … not apparently Mount Molloy, but Mining Town Molloy … or so I have been reliably informed by one of the 60 or so people camping at the same place … a bit like Camper/Caravan suburbia!

Before I left Cairns … in the pouring rain … I took a pic of the Big Captain Cook. I must see if I can improve my photographic skills. Am going to use Will’s camera to see if I can improve on the iPad’s performance.
Travelling north, an entry on the Big Things Wiki list was another Big Crocodile at Hartley Creek. I couldn’t find it, but there was a crocodile ‘experience’ at Hartley so I drove in. Still no crocodile, so I asked at the reception … it had been moved inside. It is going to be hard to better Krys at Normanton though! This one was only 7 mtrs long. The lady kindly allowed me to take a photo without paying an entrance fee. I met a New York cop while ‘hanging around’ … interesting man … for a Yank! 
Then onto Mossman … suddenly saw a big thing not on my list … a Big Sulphur-crested Cockatoo.

Goddamn it … another Big Crocodile at entrance to ferry to Daintree/Cape Tribulation, only this one was just the head …. badly made out of ply! And only 3 mtrs … hope that is the last of the big crocodiles!!!!

Finally the 3rd Big Barramundi … at Daintree … much nicer than the other ones.

Only other things of note are 2 examples of cassowaries … not particularly big though …

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