What would locals know …

Yesterday I went to leave Blackall and came across an interesting ‘thing’ … in fact although the locals at the service station said there wasn’t a Big Merino … I found it outside the Information Centre!!! Actually it is called the Big Ram at the Big Ram Park … go figure!

Then found this interesting sculpture … looks like it was created by the same artist as the headless campdraft figure.
I then drove many hundreds of kms … long boring kms of flat plains with scattered trees. The most horrible part of the trip … the hundreds and hundreds of dead kangaroos on the road and the verges … I looked at the dashcam footage, but it was so upsetting I decided I couldn’t published it. Locals call it Death Road … I was warned not to drive that road after dusk … surely something could be done …
On a nicer note, I then drove to Barcaldine … the place where the Labor Movement was conceived. The locals have erected the Tree of Knowledge … tongue in cheek? … to commemorate its foundation.
There were hundreds of seniors off a train milling around this sculpture … must be a ‘go to’ place for the blue rinse crowd!
Onto Longreach … the birthplace of QANTAS … or so the plaque says. If you then go onto Winton, the local information is that Winton is the birthplace, Longreach is where it was established … whatever the facts, there is a full sized QANTAS plane at Longreach. Not exactly a Big Thing, but it is big!

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