OMG the drive from hell!!!

Sometimes it would be a good idea to talk through my plans with someone, but … I decided to make my way to a place called Blackall … supposedly where there is a Big Merino. I asked a few locals at Jericho before I embarked on a 147 Km drive. They said it was ok, and I would have time to get back to Longreach before dusk. I think they were having a lend of me. 

100 Kms of that trip was at 25 k/h as it was a red sandy corrugated road … think Cockle Creek Road by 10 times worse! A nightmare drive, and I arrived at Blackall at dusk, with the kangaroos crossing the road in huge mobs. I started this trip deciding to meet 2 challenges … never eating McDonalds, KFC or Burger King and never being booked for speeding. I have added another one … no road kill, although am not sure that last one is achievable if today is anything to go by!
Now for the Big Things, and not-so-big things.
At Jericho, this Crystal Trumpeter stands proudly near the banks of the River Jordan. Apparently the local community has taken up the Bible story of Jericho on the River Jordan. The next picture tells the whole story … quite impressive.
Now onto Blackall …
No Big Merino … such a bone-shaking drive all for nothing!!! I did spot a few ‘things’ though …
A vandalised Campdraft sculpture … minus its head … interesting.
A statue of Jack Howe … famous in these parts as a shearer of note.
And finally The Black Stump … a stump marking This Side of The Black Stump to the left, and Beyond the Black Stump to the right. Not sure what the purpose of this sculpture, but I won’t ever go back to Blackall so I have recorded it!!!
I am thankful today is over!!!!! Tomorrow is another day lol.

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