First night on road doing Big Things

Last night was the first night of the rest of my trip capturing the essence of the Big Things around Australia. I had an uneventful day … lots of long, boring roads, with hills in the distance. Each hill had a unique quality to it, but as I was ‘doing Big Things’ I didn’t take any pics.

I did, however, take a pic of 2 metal bulls at Nebo, but on looking at photos on iPad,  only have a screen capture of my desktop … bloody incompetent!!!! Oh well, you will have to use your imagination … think Colonial Cutouts on Midlands Highway … very impressive too!
Now for the Big Things from today … Gee there are lots, and if the trip is going to this full, then it is going to take a long time to make my way around Oz!!!
I know … I  hear you say that isn’t a Big Thing! You are right, but it is very cute because it is the smallest Observatory I have ever seen. Annabel is in the photo to show so perspective.
The Big Miner at Rubyvale was actually the first Big Thing for today.
The Big Spanner was next … in Sapphire … followed by …
The Big Sapphire Ring … unfortunately it didn’t sparkle!
Mustn’t forget the Big Pick, Shovel and Sieve … that was all for Sapphire, but Anakie had something special in store …
A Big Sapphire … would probably look better without the aerials around it … what were they thinking!
And now the piece de resistance … The Big Easel/Painting/Sunflowers at Emerald …
Pretty impressive … I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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