It’s time to move on …

Millie has arrived back safely. The dogs and cat survived my ministrations (although the dogs are finding new regime a bugger, ie no couch, now Millie is back lol!

I’m afraid it is time to move on. I still haven’t received my electrical certification sticker … am pursuing other options at this stage. I have rung WorkSafe Tasmania, and they have assured me they will contact Chandlers Electrical to find out why the delay in posting sticker. Fingers crossed!

It is still quite hot and muggy, although it is definitely cooler from 3 weeks ago. So the question is … Where to now?

Looking at my Big Things list, there is a few around the general area of Mackay, so have decided to use Millie’s place as a base, and make forays out into the surrounding towns and cities, but before I do that, Millie and I are going shopping tomorrow in Townsville. Oh that is to say more shopping … think we are on Day 3 of shopping tomorrow! Greg is going to be very surprised when he gets home lol.

Found another Big Banana today in Mackay … I must say it is so rundown I am not sure it should even qualify. When I work out how to get the photo off my phone I will post it just in case you think I am being a snob! You decide!

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