On my way … 1st stop Sydney

I survived a very rough crossing on the Spirit after a few frantic days of packing up personal items in the house. I ran out of time as my dog Lili was very sick for a few days … in the smelliest possible ways x10!

My son Will and Laura Banks (the new house sitter) had a unique way of dealing with the clothes I wanted to take, but ran out of time culling to fit the amount of storage in the van … put everything into garbage bags and throw them into the back of the van and sort out later. Good plan … took the pressure off getting ready to flee Tasmania!

After a night with bestie Alison … breakfast at swanky cafe … always fun.

And guess what … I have just completed the culling while staying with besties … Sue and Brian Bailey … and only had a handful of clothes to go to Vinnies … feeling pretty chuffed!

Off to Lismore tomorrow to stay with friends on their farm … then onto BrisVegas to visit James and Kym! Watch out guys … I have lots of stuff for you … Narnia (my attic space so aptly named by Kym) is almost empty!

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