In BrisVegas

Firstly, 2 days of travel, including a fabulous night on top of a hill above Lismore, surrounded by an amazing tropical garden full of palms, bamboo, hibiscus, and other exotic plants, and a fruit/vegetable garden to die for! Thank you Annabel and Paul for your open-hearted hospitality … other than the heat, it was the best 24 hours.

Before Lismore, there was Coffs Harbour … and the Big Banana … the first (appropriately enough) of the Big Things on my list! What was interesting was the Big Golf Ball next to it, with a weird mouse sticking out … so took another photo … thought that little guy needed to be recognised lol.

I also visited the Byron Bay Lighthouse … thought while I was travelling around Oz I should follow through on a project my ex-husband George and a friend, Michael Vaughan, in a drunken night decided they wanted to visit … the northest, southest, eastest (hence the lighthouse), westest, highest, lowest, hottest, coldest, wetest, and driest places in Oz. Only difference is I am not trying to do it in 10 days! That didn’t stop me from using the excuse that I was on a tight timeframe to not pay the $7 admission fee at the lighthouse!

Am now at my son, James’ and his girlfriend’s place … in the van because there is heatwave out there … and the van is the coolest place I can find!

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