8 days to go!

Well a lot has happened in 5 weeks:

  • Date set … 14th March 2015 … leaving The Rock for that other island!
  • I got the van back … eventually!
  • The electrics are complete, including an inverter … thanks Powerstroke!
  • The annex is complete, made especially ‘light’ so I can erect it by myself … thanks Stewart Canvas!
  • Mattress made, including complex zipper so it converts to couch … thanks Slumber Shop!
  • Water outlet now opened … thanks Ben from Discoverer Campers!
  • Garage sale done and dusted … thanks Louise, Roger and the ever-patient son William, and all of the people who bought things!
  • Lili housed … thanks Louise, sorry Paul and Annabel!
  • Townhouse rented … thanks Laura and Matt and animals!
  • ‘Shakedown’ trip in kitted-out van … now that’s a whole adventure on its own.

I had been told that I should do a ‘shakedown’ trip before I leave. With that in mind, Lili and I set off for Cockle Creek. I chose CC because it is the worst road I could think of close to Hobart! I wish I had chosen somewhere closer!

Mmmm where to begin … maybe after Lili and I had chosen our campsite, gone for a lazy walk along the beach, admired the sunset, and fed Lili. I thought after all of that a nice cuppa would be just the thing. Went to fill up kettle … no water, at least no pump! Oh well, with a bit of water out of my water bottle, decided it would make a small cuppa … gas on, but ‘clicky thing’ not working! Also no lighter … gave up smoking several years ago … only time I have regretted that decision! Big breaths … time for dinner … microwave not working … cold baked beans for dinner!  Ok I thought – maybe watch a video as it was now about 9 pm … media centre wouldn’t turn on, and of course no TV reception! Damn and blast – ok get into bed and read a book … no doona … still on front door step at home … packed everything except doona!

At that point, Lili and I headed home … dog was very confused and I was bemused. It didn’t end there of course. On the 2 hour drive back to Hobart, over the most incredibly bad road, I had nothing to listen to except Emmylou Harris – The Wrecking Ball (a CD that played at my friend, Janet Cooper’s funeral) and The 12th Man … I had forgotten to pack CDs, and the  2 CDs I had were on board by accident! At least I still find The 12th Man funny … less so 3rd time round though lol!

Guess the ‘shakedown’ proved fruitful:

  • Remembered where to turn on water … the next day!
  • Put a couple of lighters in the van … for emergencies!
  • Microwave is 240 volt unit … now I can connect van to its own 240 volt source through the inverter!
  • Media centre sorted … it had turned itself off at unit, so remote wouldn’t work … does now!
  • Doona now in van … after I dried it out!
  • CDs and MP3s in van … many more than 2!

Next time I am going to ‘shakedown’ the van in the street outside my house so I can get stuff from the house when I need it!

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