And now for 2015 … watch out here I come!

Well 2015 has started, so happy new year to you all. My adventures on the road haven’t started yet, but the saga of getting the van ready for my trip continues.

I had to put pressure on the carpenter to finish the internal refit … apparently next Tuesday is the date for delivery, but I have had several delivery dates going back several months so not holding my breath! After that, the annex needs to be fitted, the electrics need to be completed, and new mattress needs to be made … still a lot to do … and a date for starting my epic adventure should start in 6 weeks time … Yikes! On top of that I can’t seem to get the water inlet cap off … a small, but crucial problem to be solved.

Oh yes, and a garage sale for many of my possessions needs to happen before the beginning of February. I still don’t know what I am going to do about my dog Lili, and who will look after my house while I am gone … can I do it? Of course I can!

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